While there are quite a few sources of reliable information available around compliance, funding and registering as an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), there isn’t as much guidance around the practices and processes of End Point Assessment (EPA) for specific pathways, beyond that taught on the accredited End Point Assessor qualifications.

Due to the fact EPAOs must remain as impartial as possible, their free guides and toolkits don’t always provide sufficiently customised information for the EPA of particular pathways, leaving both employers and learners feeling uncertain and insecure before and at Gateway stage.

“In many cases, with the EPA service being new, providers and employers do not really know what to ask for when initially enquiring.”


End Point Assessors across all industries also report lack of preparedness and confusion around the test process as key reasons for failure or mediocre pass rates. This is particularly the case for digital, business & creative industries standards.

This site is here, therefore, to help clarify common issues and grey areas around EPA in these industries (as well as others over time); to support independent End Point Assessors with examination strategy, feedback and grading; and also on-programme trainer-assessors, who are involved in mock assessments.

Author & Founder

This website was launched by Clare Chambers, owner-founder of SkillsLens.com – a growth and insight consultancy helping further, higher and corporate education providers to take data-led, geographically-targeted decisions regarding their training provision.

With a dual professional background in digital entrepreneurship and marketing, Clare is also a qualified and experienced independent End Point Assessor (iEPA) for the digital & creative industries, as well as several business and marketing standards.

In parallel, she is a busy freelance Lead Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) practitioner and currently studying a Masters degree in Applied Educational Leadership at University College London (UCL) – which consistently ranks at #1 in the world university rankings for educational research & psychology.

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